We now provide Pop-up Childcare at Events!
SitterNextDoor Introduces Pop-up Childcare!

SitterNextDoor Introduces Pop-up Childcare!

Enabling working parents to be able to go out to enjoy themselves is part of SitterNextDoor’s mission. Just over one week ago on June 12th, we got to do this in an entirely new way to us!

We organized and hosted pop-up childcare at Impact Hub Ottawa for their launch of the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub event. The event was designed to spark discussions about the challenges and opportunities of inclusive entrepreneurship.

To celebrate the diversity of entrepreneurs and to make their event as accessible as possible, they asked our team at SitterNextDoor to help out in helping organize and execute their pop-up childcare. We wanted to give parents a chance to take a couple of hours to just focus on themselves and learn something new!

On the day of the event, we transformed a meeting room into a kid’s paradise! We filled the space with a variety of activities including a crafts table, games, a play mat with cars and toys, dress up, and even bowling! We also had our carefully selected team of five fabulous babysitters who did a great job and had a blast hanging out with the kids.

We were so happy to see the kids so engaged with all the activities, making new friends (networking just like the adults 😉). Our greatest satisfaction was taking a look around the room halfway through the evening and seeing all the kids happy and laughing. Some kids didn’t want to go home at the end because they were having so much fun, and that’s how we know we did our jobs right.

Big thanks goes out to the organizers of the event who coordinated with our team at SitterNextDoor, Gina and Liz! We had a great time planning the event together and watching it come to life. We learned so much from this experience.


Overall, the pop-up babysitting was a great success! We were so happy with the feedback we got from kids and parents and we are very much looking forward to our next pop-up babysitting event.

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