Due to COVID, we will not be accepting booking requests at this time

A SitterNextDoor comes to your House

Have to attend an event? Need to run some errands? Want to just take a break and go out? Regular sitter or family friend not available? Have no sweat, sit back and relax. We will do the heavy work and set your child up with a sitter next door that will become best friends at the end of the night.

How it Works

Are you signed up with us? No? What! Go sign up now! What are you waiting for? We ask for everything that a sitter would ask. What activities should I be prepared for (age and gender of your children)? If there is an emergency, what number should I call (cell phone number)? Are you trustworthy too (government issued id)?

Once you register, your application would be approved by someone on our team and if you are approved, you can start booking jobs! Just put in the time and submit! We will receive your request and we will find a babysitter for you ASAP. 

Once we found a sitter we will contact you through email and cell and confirm the job request. Or if you contacted us through Facebook, we will reach you through there. The sitter will come to your house and have a fantastic time with your child(ren) and will contact us about the start and end time. 

We will send an invoice to you after where you can pay with your credit card. Then you can relax and love that finding a sitter could never be so easy!

What do we provide?

The convenience of setting you up with a babysitter without contacting every one of your friends in your contacts and on facebook. Each babysitter is vetted through a process approved by the Ottawa Police so you can trust that the sitter we send you is trustworthy. Lastly, we send you an invoice at the end of the night and pay with your credit card! Don’t stress about making sure you have the exact amount in cash to pay the babysitter!

✔️Set you up with a babysitter up to 12 hours in advance

✔️Each babysitter is vetted 

✔️No need to have cash on hand

Why Us?

Run by a team of two university students raised in Kanata, SitterNextDoor is committed to connect parents to sitters and build connections in your community.

All our caregivers are vetted through a process approved by the Ottawa police, have lots of experience and various certifications.

Best business to choose if you are in Kanata and Downtown area.

But at what cost?

$15 per hour. That’s it. You aren’t going to break the bank.


Short notice?*

$5 fee for requests 24 hrs from the job.

$10 fee for requests 12 hrs from the job.


*We cannot guarantee that we can find a sitter for you when time is tight but you will know we spent sweat and tears trying to.