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Babysitter's Guide

This training is simple but IMPORTANT! It will only take a few minutes

As a babysitter for SitterNextDoor, you will either be a sitter going to a house, or a caregiver at one of our pop-up events. Here, you will find useful information on both.

Caregiver at an Event

What is a "Pop-up Event"?

As a complement to sitters traditionally babysitting at a family's house, we also provide a service at events, workshops,, or conferences so that parents can bring their children. They drop off their kids in a play area where a bunch of caregivers like you will be taking care of them. Check out our info page about our pop-up services here and our first event here.

A walkthrough of your time working at a Pop-up area

We will text when there is a event available for you to work at, and will fill up on a first come, first serve basis (3-8 sitters based on size of the event). If you are interested and spots are filled up, we will likely place you as backup if a sitter is unable to come. Then, the details will be sent indicating the location of the event. Once you arrive, a supervisor will be at the site and will help setup. When parents and children start to arrive, you can enjoy playing games and having fun with them. During your time, please fill out our Sitter Report outlining what you did with your child and what they ate (if they did eat). After the event, you will help with takedown and you are done! Your pay will be sent through Paypal a few days after the event.


- You must find way to get there and back

- Be on time for set up of space

- Ask parents preferences for certain things, review their waiver with them or talk to the supervisor if they reviewed the waiver with the parent

- Make sure every child is supervised, included, and having fun

- Make sure to fill out our Sitter Report before the parent comes back 

- If the parent gives food for child, don't distribute to anyone (no sharing)

- Accompany kids to the washroom

- Make sure everyone is respectful of the materials and the space

- For any small injury, we have first aid kit and write a note on sitter report. If more serious, contact supervisor so they can call the parent.

- Know who on your team is CPR and first aid certified

Babysitting at a House



- Laws and Rights

- Recognizing Abuse

- Dealing with Abuse

Responsibilities as a Babysitter on this platform

- Safety precautions

- Payment

- Non-solicitation Agreement

How our service works

- Matching

- How you will get paid


“The Cruel and Violent treatment of a person"


Check Websites below to learn what your rights are and the harassment laws:





Here are some potential examples of abuse:

- Parent yelling/verbally abusing you before, during or after the session

- Parent punching, slapping or any form of physical abuse towards you before, during or after the session

- Parent refusing you to leave the parent’s house after they come back

- Parent sexually abusing you before, during or after the babysitting session


What do I do in these situations?

1. If serious and the abuse is life threatening, call 911

2. Contact us whether through email or text, or fill out a form in the Contact Us page on our site.

Things to Know when on a Job

Check with Parent:

- Child’s Allergies, and other medical information

- Procedure when child has a medical emergency (ie. Location of Epipen)

- Emergency Contact numbers 

- Routines that must be completed (Brushing teeth, doing homework, etc)

- Anything else the parent wants you to know


Make sure to review the payment with the parent to ensure everything is correct after the session is complete.

(it is your and the parent’s responsibility to make sure information is submitted through the system and is correct).

If the parent(s) come home late, email SitterNextDoor for the additional time you have worked - do not accept any direct payment from the parents. You will be paid for the extra time through the SitterNextDoor platform.


Non-Solicitation Agreement

By agreeing to the Terms of Service, you agree to not contact the parent outside the platform to schedule more babysitting sessions.

If parents try to contact you directly, notify us right away as it is against our safety guidelines. 


After you register, our team will go over your application. We may contact you with questions. When you are approved (we will send an email), you are now able to start babysitting! Based on neighbourhood, your availability, and qualifications, we will pair you up with families who make babysitting bookings. From that, we will send you a text confirming the job. You will be provided with the address, time and date of the session. You have the option to confirm or deny the booking. If you constantly ignore or deny requests for bookings, this will lead to less job requests in the future and lesser pay than more active babysitters. If you can't take a job and we send a request, please let us know you are not available. After the job, we will email you an invoice.

We hope you have lots of fun on these jobs! We are very happy to provide jobs for you as they come. Thanks so much for reading, and for registering with SitterNextDoor. You are always welcome to provide feedback to us to help us better provide jobs for you.


The SitterNextDoor Team :)