We now provide Pop-up Childcare at Events!


  • How do you ensure safety?
    • Parents, we understand how important and valued your little ones are. Babysitters, our goal is to be able to send you to jobs in your own neighbourhood where you feel the safest. That’s why safety is our top priority. 
    • Our safety process has been approved by the Ottawa police. 
    • For babysitters, we take resumes, references, and safety checks if they have them. 
    • Regular jobs: For parents, we take a government issued ID. We also have a two-way ratings and reviews system. 
    • Events: at events, we take extra measures to make a safe experience for all. Some of these measures include blocking off electrical outlets, only giving food provided by parents, and ensuring that babysitters with first aid experience are on the team. 
  • How much do your services cost?
    • Regular babysitting fee: $15/hour. 
    • Short notice: 
      • $5 fee for requests 24 hrs from the job.
      • $10 fee for requests 12 hrs from the job.
    • Events:
      • We offer packages which include insurance, waivers and legal documents, and supplies in a fixed price depending on the size of the event. These prices can range from $300-$1000.
      • On top of the fixed price, you must hire at least 3 caregivers for $20 per hour per caregiver.
  • Where are you located?
    • All our services are in Ottawa currently, but stay tuned for future announcements about expansion!
  • Can we add food to our Pop-up Childcare Package for our events?
    • Unfortunately, we can’t provide food or catering due to allergies and restrictions. For the childrens’ safety, we only permit food provided by the parents and we are strict about not sharing.