We now provide Pop-up Childcare at Events!

Pop-up Childcare

Event coming up soon? Provide an exceptional experience for your guests and make it a success with SitterNextDoor’s Pop-Up Childcare! 

By including SitterNextDoor at your event, parents no longer have to stay at home to take care of their children, leave the event early, or be distracted and worried about their child’s well-being. 

Parents can drop off their children at our Pop-Up Childcare Kids Zone and have peace of mind knowing that their child is nearby, having fun with other kids, and being cared for by kind and experienced babysitters. Think of it as a modern day Babysitters Club! 

Parents can now take the time to themselves to network and to gain value and knowledge from the event you worked so hard to organize, making for a better experience for all!

How it Works

At the event, parents will drop off their children at the designated Kids Zone area. They will check in and sign a liability waiver, then they can join the event!

Kids will be taken care of by an amazing coordinated team of caregivers with lots of engaging and educational activities. Some activities include games, arts and crafts, toys, books, and more. We have something for every age! Babies and toddlers can enjoy games and explore new toys with their caregiver. 

Kids love our pop-up childcare because they get to meet other kids, they get to play fun games in groups, and they discover new toys and activities! At the end of the event, parents can quickly get their child and they receive a sitter’s report with information about their child’s activities throughout the event. 

Why Us?

1. Run by a team of two university students, SitterNextDoor is committed to helping your business make more accessible events for parents. 

2. All our caregivers are vetted through a process approved by the Ottawa police, have lots of experience and various certifications.

3. By including SitterNextDoor, more people will be able to attend your event. 

What we provide

It’s easy to include SitterNextDoor in your next event. After you fill out a simple form, we will set up a call to discuss the details with you.

We provide: 

✔️ Insurance for the event

✔️ Liability waivers

✔️Qualified and experienced babysitters 

✔️Supplies, toys, and equipment 

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